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The Vigilant Heart Charitable Society (VHCS) is "a non-governmental" and not-for-profit charitable trust registered in 2007 in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to cater for orphans, abandoned and underprivileged children.

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To enable Vigilant Heart Charitable Society achieve its established aims and objectives it is charged with the following objects:


(Succour to homeless children) The VHCS Orphanage is a project for the provision of shelter, care and protection for the motherless, orphans and other vulnerable children. Our orphanage provides a framework of love for nurturing children and for overseeing their personal development in freedom and responsibility. In doing this we are conscious of the fact that an orphanage should not be a permanent abode for those children. For, every child has a right to grow up in a family with a mother and a father capable of creating the environment for the child’s development and emotional maturity. This is why we support and encourage adoption, guardianship or fostering through the appropriate authority. Vigilant Heart Charitable Society has completed the construction of its building on its definitive site at Aro Town, Lekki, Lagos State and has therefore moved from it’s temporary to it’s new and permanent accommodation. This would create ample rooms for development of its various projects for the less privileged and vulnerable children. The building, although reflects all our efforts, it bears the imprints of God.


(Save the unborn child)
God has a plan for all of us. This beautiful plan must not be thwarted through abortions or other evil ways. Every child has inherent right to life. VHCS organizes counselling for young girls, offering them emotional support and guidance, through their distressing moments. Teenage pregnancy could be one of the most difficult experience a young person might face particularly when it interrupts school or other plans. We present girls facing unplanned pregnancy with the options of parenting or adoption. We help the affected teenager to contact her lover or relatives, reconcile them and restore them to friendship. If the choice is for adoption of the child, it is effected through the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development. Adoption shields orphans and vulnerable children from harm and place them in the care of loving and responsible parents. We have continued to advise against the use of drugs and other risky behaviour and actively encourage the youth to practice purity of actions along with purity of thoughts and desires. .


(Needy children in poverty and disadvantaged families)
This is another project of The Vigilant Heart Charitable Society. The initiative is driven by the need to transform into hope the despair of indigent and underprivileged children. In our sponsor a child project, we encourage children in abject poverty and from underprivileged backgrounds to develop their social and academic potentials, participate and contribute to all aspects of life. The aim is to ensure that the education imparted brings in changes not only in the amount of knowledge gained but also in the ability to think and acquire good habits, skills and attitude which characterize an individual who is socially accepted and adjusted. We hope to achieve this objective by providing them access to good quality education. The project also helps the children to build self-confidence by our giving them personal attention. Our development model includes economic strengthening of household heads of vulnerable children, education and/or vocational services and breaking the cycle of marginalization and poverty. We cannot remain indifferent to the plights of children condemned to illiteracy and lacking the most basic medical care. Attention must be directed to vulnerable children who are victims of poverty, devastating effects of violence and family breakdowns. Too many children are not getting the opportunity to reach their full potentials. You can change that if you sponsor a child today and you will then witness young lives transformed for the future.

The Vigilant Heart Charitable Society (VHCS) is a non-governmental organization registered in 2007 in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to cater for orphans, abandoned and underprivileged children. VHCS provides shelter, food, health care, counseling and education for them and seeks the care and protection of children from all forms of harm and abuse.

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